01 Apr. 2020 Tamawoodhas witnessed a reduction in appointmentsof approximately 30%.he Board have resolved to delay the dividend payment due for 30 April, 2020.if possible,in the first half of FY21 in conjunction with the final dividend based on the FY20 results.the Board considers this a prudent step to maintain liquidity and protect long term shareholder value, without the need to compromise our debt free status.

26 Mar 2020. The appointment levels for the past 30 days continue to exceed the same comparative FY19 period (up approximately 35%). We are witnessing a reduction in face to face appointments but the company model of having no display homes and pre-booked appointments available on-line and in remote office locationsis well suited to the current Government imposed restrictions. The company remains debt free, has zero capital commitments and no costs tied up in land holdings or display homes.

17March 2020 The Tamawood fully franked interim dividend of 12 cents will be paid on 30 April 2020.
The appointment levels for the last 30 days continue to exceed the same comparative FY19 period(up approximately 60%)and we have only witnessed a marginal reduction since the recent increase in the number of cases of COVID-19.
The Company remains debt free, has zero capital commitmentsandno costs tied up in land holdings and no display homes.
Technically, when market conditions worsen and land pricing tightens, Tamawood traditionally increasesits market share.
Tamawood DelaysSell Down of SenterpriSys Shares. The Board has resolved to delaythe SenterpriSys sell down of shares given the current prevailingmarketconditions.


05/07/2019  As previously advised, Tamawood’s revenue for the year ended 30 June 2019 is lower than the previous year.Thepreliminary net profit before tax is 48% lower than prior year(2018:$11.5m; 2019:$5.9m).Profit after tax will likely be negatively affected by tax adjustments yet to be estimated.

23/4/2019  Mizikovsky, 49.23%=>51.3% [@about $3.53]

28/02/2019  Distribution AmountAUD 0.33; Ex DateFriday March 8, 2019Record DateMonday March 11, 2019Payment DateThursday April 18, 2019

27/02/2019 the FY19 resultislikely to be below that of FY18. The Board has taken full responsibility for not promptly responding to poor market conditions.Nevertheless,with ongoing contribution from our highly experiencedChairman, Mr Robert Lynch, who traded through a number of downturns,and two new board members,Ms Laurie Lefcourt and Ms Linda Horgan,we expect Tamawood’s FY20 performance will improve given the current appointment and enquiry trendsprovidedmarket conditions do not deteriorate further.

Undertake a small capital raising of 1:40 to raise approximately $2.4 million to fund increases in work in progress.

13/02/2019 LEV MIZIKOVSK bought 3,946 @$3.57; After deals: 1,789(DIRECT); 12,646,486(INDIRECT) ; 49.34% total shares: 25,634,322;

01/02/2019 We advise today that Senterprisys Ltd (SPS) (Formerly Resiweb Ltd –shares issued in April 2012 to TWDshareholders),willbe launchedonto the NSX platform around10 am on 5thFebruary 2019.Please contact Computershare 03 9415 4000 if you wishto query your shareholding.https://www.nsx.com.au/https://www.nsx.com.au/marketdata/company-directory/details/SPS


11 October 2017 Chairman’s Address

5/12/2016 Due to favourable weather conditions and the hard work of staff and subcontractors in reducing construction times, the Board and management are proud to announce that the unaudited year to date 2017 net profit before tax is in excess of 10% on the previous profit upgrade forecast announced to market  on 4 November 2016. Of course, if these favourable weather conditions change, it may have a negative impact on future results.

29/11/2016 TIMOTHY BARTHOLOMAEUS bough 590 shares; holding 585k shares


21/11/2016 Mizikovsky group 48.67%-> 48.71%; @3.52


Annual report 2015/2016

Tamawood remains debt free with $2.58 million in cash as at 30 June 2016

    • Construction revenue increased by 12.34% with a reduction in construction and administration overheads of 10% as a percentage of revenue including the absorption of all costs associated with the closure of  Melbourne and Adelaide offices.
    • The expansion of South East Queensland and New South Wales operations into Ballina and Coffs Harbour.
  • A significant increase in construction revenue in Dixon NSW in 2015/16
The Tamawood workplace culture helps us to attract, retain and incentivise all staff. This culture is  evidenced by the fact that 100% of the current management team have been with the Company greater than 15 years. As a further reward the Board is going to implement a new compliant Employee Share Scheme for staff who have been with Tamawood greater than 3 years.
During FY16 Tamawood increased its investment in Resiweb to 23.44%. The software is based on in house
software that has been developed by Tamawood over the 20 year period prior to the creation of Resiweb
Limited five years ago and now is 90% complete and live testing has commenced.

 Lev Mizikovsky started Tamawood in July 1989. The Company was listed on the ASX in August 2000 and in December 2000 acquired Dixon Homes. AstiVita was spun off from Tamawood in December 2009 and listed on the ASX. The Company specialises in renewable energy products, hot water systems, bathroom and kitchen products. a substantial shareholder in a number of other Queensland Companies including Collection House Limited (CLH) and Lindsay Australia Limited (LAU).

Timothy was Chief Operating Officer from 2010

CEO remuneration total $297,449

Dixon NSW Pty Ltd 1 Sydney, Australia 75%; The remaining shares are owned by the Chairman of Tamawood Limited, Mr Robert Lynch (7.5%), and the General Manager and Director of Dixon NSW Pty Ltd, Mr Paul Hogan (17.5%).
SolarRex Pty Ltd 2 Brisbane, Australia 70%; SolarRex Limited (‘SolarRex’) is no longer trading and has been converted to a Pty Ltd company in November 2015 which owns 100% of the issued capital of SolarpowerRex Pty Ltd. The remaining shares of SolarRex Pty Ltd are owned by the Mr Geoff Acton (25%) and Mr Rade Dudurovic (5%).

Resiweb Limited is a public company that is developing a software system including back-office and client interface processes to support small home builders.
During the year 2014 Resiweb Limited issued 12,773,403 shares in the company to Tamawood Limited as consideration for the acquisition of Tamawood Research and Development Pty Ltd from Tamawood Limited. On 6 January 2016, Tamawood purchased a further 12,773,403 shares in Resiweb Limited at 2 cents per share ($255,468.06).

depreciation 264 246