Special night session – Peter Wang

Elbow Movement:

1. Focus on elbow, so shoulder and fist can relax, then move the elbow forward to punch.

2. Reverse the action 1. Starting with elbow, rolling fore arm and move back to the other upper arm.

3. 小念头结尾的查手动作也要用手肘来带动。

Note: feel the elbow down, but don’t have to make it heavy.

A local Shifu, Tony, who has a small wing Chun school in Burwood, held this session. Small size, strong arms and clear movements. Maybe I should try his training sometimes.

There are totally about 15 people attending excluding two shifus and tony. Shifu Dereck brings 7 people including himself. Frank called Sam before starting that he couldn’t make it. Otherwise there would 8 people from our group.



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