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HK Exchange says 10 firms buy back shares

25.07.2016 12:43PM
HK Exchange says 10 firms buy back shares
HONG KONG, July 25 (Reuters) – The Hong Kong stock exchange
said on Monday 10 companies had repurchased their ordinary
shares in the market.
The following is a table regarding share buybacks:

No. of Highest Lowest

Company name Date of Securities Price Price

(Stock code) Repurchase Repurchased per share per share

CAR INC 2016/07/22 3,000,000 HK$7.8 HK$7.75

CARPENTER TAN 2016/07/22 310,000 HK$3.6 HK$3.48

CHINA WATER 2016/07/22 170,000 HK$4.77 HK$4.74

DINGYI GP INV 2016/07/22 1,500,000 HK$0.75 HK$0.74

FIRST TRACTOR 2016/07/22 166,000 HK$4.06 HK$4.04

SEA HOLDINGS 2016/07/22 296,000 HK$19 N/A

SIHUAN PHARM 2016/07/22 22,186,000 HK$1.91 HK$1.88

TIAN LUN GAS 2016/07/22 5,949,000 HK$5.97 HK$5.88

WANT WANT CHINA 2016/07/22 12,709,000 HK$5.07 HK$5.02

XINGDA INT’L 2016/07/22 549,000 HK$2.12 HK$2.09

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