Carl F. Braun

The accounting limitation

5 Ws: to tell who was going to do what, where, when, and why

The culture permeated from the top down. Carl Braun was obsessed with maximizing the potential of every person in his company. He wrote several books which were mandatory reading for managers and employees. You can still find some of these books in circulation and they have quite a cult following. Management and Leadership is thought to be one of the best management and leadership books ever written:

  • Management and Leadership (1948)
  • Presentation for Engineers and Industrialists (1956)
  • Corporate Correspondence (1958)
  • Fair Thought and Speech (1953)
  • Letter Writing in Action (1947)

Braun felt it was his and his managers duty to teach. In Management and Leadership there is a section called “The Doers Must Teach”:

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