accumulated a portfolio of 170 properties worth $35 million at age 30.

Property investor Nathan Birch, founder of, has accumulated a portfolio of 170 properties worth $35 million at age 30.His total debts across his portfolio are $11 million, he brings in about $2 million in rental per annum, and takes $500,000 of that after expenses

It doesn’t matter whether it’s stocks or property — the only way to build wealth is to invest with a plan and a strategy, not let your money sit still, Mr Birch argues.

Most of his properties are in metro NSW and Queensland, and he’s predicting double-digit price increases in Queensland in the next 12 months.


Always buy below market value. This means you’re winning from the get go

● Make sure there is potential for growth. Don’t buy something because it’s cheap and has good cashflow if there is no room for it to increase in value (because of location or other reasons)

● Make sure the property is neutral or positively geared (when the rent covers mortgage repayments and costs). This ensures good cash flow

Don’t get emotional about investment properties in the same way you would with a home you live in. Keeping a logical mindset is key.

Get advice — talk to people who have done what you want to do. I built my portfolio by only listening to people who had already achieved what I wanted to achieve.

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