David Webb



David Webb quit his job at 33, got rich investing in Hong Kong。Now 53 and comfortably rich, he’s OK with giving away his research。his total wealth — have swelled to about $170 million from $30 million in 2003

Over the past 20 months, he has advised readers of his widely followed website to avoid more than 75 of the city’s publicly traded companies — several of which subsequently became targets of the largest-ever raid by Hong Kong’s securities regulator. Stocks on his “not to own’’ lists have lost $16 billion of their value since he warned against buying them.

Here’s how Webb describes the basics of his investment strategy:

  • Owns about 35 stocks at a time, with an average holding period of “five-plus’’ years
  • Long only, never short
  • Prefers large stakes in small companies and isn’t afraid to take an activist role: “If you are going to be a minority shareholder, it’s better to be a big one’’
  • Doesn’t use leverage
  • Looks for businesses that are well-governed and undervalued
  • Reads the regulatory filings –- almost all of them
  • Avoids large caps
  • Refuses to manage outside money: “It’s a lot of hassle’’




手机屏对于分众而言,即可能是竞争对手,也可能是合作伙伴。分众正通过技术升级,与手机屏在楼宇电视覆盖范围产生互动,更好地利用红包、折扣券等多种形式提升楼宇电视的广告价值——这种具有 Wi-Fi、 iBeacon、人脸识别和 ApplePay 功能的新一代电梯电视互动大屏在2016年底研制成功。

2017 年,公司在一线城市已基本完成更换。 2018 年,公司正陆续在二三线城市更新换代,顺带将以前 40×50cm的电梯海报也更新为 60×80cm的大版。


Daikin to double India capacity with third air-conditioner plant

Daikin Industries aims to open a third Indian factory for home air conditioners in 2021, investing 10 billion yen ($88.4 million) to double its annual production capacity in the rapidly growing market to 2 million units. [Darkin: Market cap: 32.26B(USD); NI 1.7B; PE: 19; dividend: 1.16%; Rev: 20.66B; Net ratio: 8.23%; E:12.2B; RoE: 14%]

The manufacturer targets sales of 100 billion yen in India for the year through March 2021, double its fiscal 2017 tally.

India’s home air-conditioner market is expected to reach 7.47 million units in 2023, surging by over 70% from 2017 while the global market grows just 20%, according to British research firm Euromonitor International. [still small market compared to China which has 80m units sold locally in 2017]

Daikin, LG and Voltas — part of the Tata Group, India’s biggest conglomerate — each command shares of around 15% to 20% in the country, with the Japanese player claiming the top spot by sales in 2015. Other competitors in India include U.S. company Carrier, as well as Japan’s Panasonic and the Hitachi group.

Jawa reduced imports from Thailand and boosted local production to lower costs, letting Daikin launch ordinary household units priced about 20% below previous models at between 32,000 and 38,000 rupees ($450 to $540). Such units enjoy support from consumers despite costing about 30% more than Voltas’ products and 10% more than those of LG. The South Korean company’s two Indian plants have run at full capacity since last year, and it expects to produce about 1.6 million units in 2018.

Despite the lower prices for Voltas and LG, Daikin Senior Executive Officer Yoshihiro Mineno claims the cost cuts let the company “set prices in a range.” But as the Indian market expands, customers may grow increasingly sensitive to prices.

Richard Branson launches $3m challenge to reinvent the air conditioner

Its power consumption at full load must not exceed 700 W and it mustn’t consume more than 14 L (3.7 gal) of water per day. 
A detailed technical application then needs to be submitted by August, with 10 finalists handed US$200,000 to build working prototypes in November. The final winner will be awarded $1 million in November or December 2020.

Can India Afford to Cool Down?

The world’s fastest-growing market for air conditioners sparks a search for power-saving strategies that could help all developing countries.

Electricity consumption from air conditioning in India is expected to multiply 30 times from 2010 to 2030 if it isn’t made more efficient.

The 900 million residential air conditioners in the world today are expected to rise to between 2.5 billion and 3.7 billion room units by 2050. If little is done to improve efficiency, air conditioning will account for 40% of global growth in energy consumed in buildings by 2050—an amount of energy equivalent to all the electricity used today in the U.S. and Germany combined, according to the IEA.  [50m-87m per year, net increase]

Now EESL is working with companies such as Mahindra Automotive, which has ordered 1,100 of the super-high efficiency air conditioners to replace aging units in its offices. The company expects a 15%-30% energy savings over the next 18 months

It remains to be seen whether EESL can drive down the price of super-efficient air conditioners as far as it did with high-efficiency lighting. Unlike with light bulbs, ACs are considered a luxury item for the rich, one governments are wary of being seen as directly subsidizing. 


3/11/2018 CMC Sapiens A$ CMC CX A$ A Share ¥ others ¥ Amount-¥/$ %
农行H                       5,100               25,296 0.24%
CHF/TRY                       5,320               26,387 0.25%
神华H                    15,500               76,880 0.72%
复星H                    91,000         22,600             563,456 5.26%
长城H                    23,300         88,000              111,243             663,291 6.19%
IGG                    37,000              235,463             418,983 3.91%
PAX Global                    74,000             367,040 3.43%
四环 H                  139,000             689,440 6.44%
融创中国H                    12,300               61,008 0.57%
腾讯 H                    15,500              242,200             319,080 2.98%
兖州煤业H                    19,000               94,240 0.88%
重庆银行H            7,500               37,200 0.35%
Bellway         27,200             134,912 1.26%
招行H         10,800               53,568 0.50%
高阳H         21,000             104,160 0.97%
Hong Kong 50         23,000             114,080 1.06%
Hong Kong ChinaH         79,300             393,328 3.67%
聚美         12,300               61,008 0.57%
民生银行H            9,200               45,632 0.43%
Persimmon         21,400             106,144 0.99%
TRY/EUR         12,000               59,520 0.56%
格力电器          3,040,112         3,040,112 28.38%
分众传媒              267,415             267,415 2.50%
美的集团          1,788,490         1,788,490 16.70%
贵州茅台              581,903             581,903 5.43%
五粮液              295,295             295,295 2.76%
海螺水泥              324,206             324,206 3.03%
洋河股份              100,680             100,680 0.94%
total:                  437,020       334,300          6,886,327                –       10,712,074
loan -1,142,349

周一咏春拳 , 盐水仓

看到dereck的盐水浸泡仓,能够提高冥想的效果,他说是从Australian sports institution 买来的。水里按照死海盐水的浓度比例放了epsom salt。Maybe I will give it a go in future.

练习手臂像侧面升直又回龙到胸前。统一动作的使用。勾脖颈。菱形攻防。手搓对方再扣后颈,肘 向下用力,像木人桩的动作。





出拳。从后脚到前脚转身, Settle down. 像旋转的水流沉静下来;就像寻桥的套路动作。。注意背部的圆盘力量传送,从左肩到右肩到右拳。











重心在丹田和胸口上下运动,配合手的上下动作。做赤手时,把对方的两手扣到丹田的方向,然后移动重心。后退或转身,如弓拉满弦,反弹出去。in control





as social beings, the path to happiness for humans is found in accepting this moment as it presents itself, by not allowing ourselves to be controlled by our desire for pleasure or our fear of pain, by using our minds to understand the world around us and to do our part in nature’s plan, and by working together and treating others fairly and justly.

Zeno of Citium c. 334 – c. 262 BC, 72

Socrates (/ˈsɒkrətiːz/ c.470 – 399 BC, 71

Heraclitus of Ephesus (/ˌhɛrəˈklaɪtəs/ c.535 – c. 475 BC, 60

Plato (/ˈpleɪtoʊ/ 428/427 or 424/423[b] – 348/347 BC), 80

Aristotle (/ˈærɪˌstɒtəl/ 384–322 BC, 62

Marcus Aurelius (/ɔːˈriːliəs/; 26 April 121 – 17 March 180 AD, 59

Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC – AD 65), 68

Epictetus (/ˌɛpɪkˈtiːtəs/ c. 55 – 135 AD 80

Modern Stoicism

Philippa Ruth Foot, FBA (/ˈfɪlɪpə ˈfʊt/; née Bosanquet; 3 October 1920 – 3 October 2010) , 90

Alasdair Chalmers MacIntyre (/ˈæləstər/; born 12 January 1929) is a Scottish philosopher

Martha Craven Nussbaum (/ˈnʊsbɔːm/; born May 6, 1947) is an American philosopher

Victor Frankl

Lawrence C. Becker (born 1939) is an American philosopher

One of the key sites is the Modern Stoicism website, which harbors the Stoicism Today blog and hosts the Annual Stoic Week (online) and Stoicon (offline) events.[10] Another important place is the New Stoa, which was founded in May 1996 and is arguably the first lasting stoic community on the internet. Three key podcasts talking about Stoicism applied to modern thought are the Stoic Solutions Podcast hosted by Justin Vacula[11], The Practical Stoic Podcast hosted by Simon Drew [12] and Steve Karafit’s The Sunday Stoic [13]

















头脑驱动动作。如晾衣架, floating, 如何越来越不费劲?















人性的特点是要赢,但现实是很可能要输,要懂得认输。宏碁( q í)的施振荣老先生说:“认输才会赢。”这句话很有哲理。我们也可以说,输了,生活还会继续。输掉的咱们认了,保住和扩大咱们赢得的。




On the basis of these numbers, they assume they know everything about him.

When I try to describe him here it’s only in order to make sure I will remember him. It’s sad to forget a friend. Not everyone has a friend. If I forget him I will be like adults who are only interested in numbers…

I should have judged actions, not words. It attracted me with its fragrance and gorgeousness. I should have never run away from it. I should have seen the love that was hiding under its tiny unhappy tricks and games. Flowers are so contradictory! But I was too young to know how I should love her…”

But if you tame me, we will need each other. In a whole world, you will be unique to me. And I will be unique to you.”

“People don’t have time for learning any more. They buy ready-made things in shops. But there are no shops that sell friends, so people don’t have friends. If you want a friend, tame me…”

Words are the source of misunderstanding.

It is very simple: you may see the truth only with your heart. Everything that is important can’t be seen.”

“You shouldn’t forget. We are always responsible for those who we tamed.

“They didn’t like the place they visited, did they?” asked the Little Prince. “Nobody is ever satisfied with the place where he stays”, said the railway pointsman.

Only children are looking out of the windows”. “Only children know what they are looking for”, said the Little Prince.

We risk crying when we allow ourselves to be tamed…

“When you stop mourning (time cures all the troubles), you will be happy that you knew me.